Consulting & Practice-Based Research

Effective supply chain management can be very challenging. Often, companies face operational problems that can't be solved by "off-the-shelf" solutions. Whether a firm's issues center on logistics optimization, efficient resource allocation, or another operational concern, collaboration with an academic expert can be a mutually beneficial endeavor. In addition to formal training in operations research, Dr. Goodson possesses operational work experience in manufacturing and service industries. Some of the most compelling academic work stems from industry-based problems. Further, some of the most practical solutions are driven by theoretical research. Dr. Goodson invites companies facing serious operational challenges to contact him.

Certifications for Professionals

Saint Louis University's Center for Supply Chain Excellence offers certificate programs for working professionals. A collaborative effort between the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business and industry, the center provides training in a variety of supply chain topics including the management of supplier relationships, purchasing, inventory, operations, logistics and transportation, quality, and information technology.
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